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We are looking for workers and employees who want to get involved in climate-neutral energy production and electromobility.

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In Brokenlande, Christian Saul has been operating a biogas plant location with three biogas production lines at different storage locations, around 8 kilometers of biogas pipeline network and> 10 combined heat and power plants since 2007.

· Annual electricity production is around 35 million kilowatt hours, of which> 80% is produced in cogeneration. The electricity is remunerated and marketed within the framework of the Renewable Energy Sources Act.  

· Biomass such as excess biomass, landscape maintenance material and farm manure are used as energy sources.

Surplus biomass is silage, beets, grain, and leftover feed that farmers buy at prices that are not in competition with food production. The biogas plant supports food-producing farmers because a fair price is made for surpluses.

Significant innovations are the use of ultrasound, mixed silphies (four-year cultivation trial has now been completed), landscape maintenance material, energy-saving agitation technology, fertilizer production, mini cogeneration units, large fermenters as well as demand-oriented electricity production and the provision of charging current.

In the case of biogas production, large fermentation tanks and energy-saving agitation technology at a fermentation temperature of around 40 ° C are used. The biogas is converted into electricity in modern combined heat and power plants, the heat from which is provided by a nursery, gastronomy and trade  as  is used as heating for apartments in the community of Großenaspe.

A 5,900 m³ fermenter has been tested at the biogas production site since 2009, grass silage and landscape maintenance material have been examined in different feed compositions since 2010, an 8 km biogas network was put into operation in 2011 and a mini-CHP has been operated with biogas since 2012 Fields with  Streaky silphies were planted and the growth was used energetically as well as around 1,000 kilowatts of demand-oriented electricity production. Ultrasonic systems have been used and tested for the digestion of biomass in the fermentation process since 2013. In arable farming, attempts are made to use the digestate after threshing grain to build up humus in summer. Use of ferments in the treatment of, among other things, manure and liquid manure. Since 2019 mobile decanters have been tested in digestate processing to determine the separation rates of phosphorus, and from 2021 the use of a decanter system in the process engineering of biogas plants will be used and tested. The separated fermentation residues are used and tested in agriculture to replace mineral fertilizers for various fruits.

Technology and innovation

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ARA was founded at the end of 2001 as a project development company for biogas technology. The experience gained in the implementation of climate protection projects has been extended to other renewable energy sources such as landfill gas, wind power, hydropower, solar thermal energy and, above all, biogas from agricultural products.  

ARA has been promoting and expanding a biogas plant project in Brokenlande near Neumünster since 2006. The aim is to show what biogas can achieve in the electricity, local heating and fuel markets as well as the development of a future-oriented network location.


Social structure

 There are three operators of biogas production lines and biogas power generation on the site resident:

  • ARA Biogas Brokenlande GmbH & Co. KG with a focus on biomass procurement and electricity production

  • ARA Bioenergie Brokenlande GmbH & Co. KG with a focus on demand-oriented electricity and heat production as well as fertilizer production

  • Glashaus Brokenlande OHG - electricity production, services and property management

Glashaus Brokenlande OHG

Glass house Brokenlande OHG

The glass house is currently reserved to multiply soil fungi in fermentation residues. The rental of individual tables watered for growing vegetables or for sheltering  Ornamental or other decorative plants as well as microgreens are still possible.


·      The tenant is looking for a place for his plants for the winter

·      Renting a table or individual plants in 3 sizes (small, medium, large)

·      Irrigation, ventilation, fertilization by the landlord

·      Fixed times for acceptance and delivery

·      EU organic substrate deliver fixed spring campaign

ARA biogas plants

·          Brokenlande Verwaltungsgesellschaft UG, trustee of the financing bank involved               as well as various private individuals involved.

·          MBG Kiel is a silent partner.

ARA Biogasanlagen

Company management

Christian Saul (married, three children) studied business administration in Kiel before starting his own business, after completing his agricultural training and four years in his parents' company.

Then he worked for an auditing company and a bank in Northern Germany.

Christian Saul is the managing director of the Brokenlande biogas plant. 



In Brokenlande we use it to produce green methane from excess plant biomass, store it and convert it into electricity and heat. We work regionally with a carbon-hydrogen cycle and a nutrient cycle.

There is much to do.

Let's do it!

Ladestationen für Fahrzeuge


Climate gas emission-neutral, nuclear-free and inexpensive energy supply and circular economy.

Biogas ein nachhaltiger Energieträger.jpg

Biogas a sustainable energy source

·      Local employment effects and value creation

·      Demand-oriented electricity and heat production

·      Climate-friendly utilization of farm manure and Excess biomass in the                    sense of the Recycling Management Act

·      Decentralized energy supply

·      Attractive residual heat prices for residents and businesses

·      Knowledge transfer and local strengthening of the craft

·      Tax and donation payments in the municipality

·      Regular specialist training courses, including in accordance with the Water         Management Act and Industrial Safety Ordinance

·      Willingness to innovate in improving efficiency

·      Willingness to innovate in the use of new forage plants

·      Local and regional procurement

·      Groundwater monitoring

·      Humus build-up

·      Storage of energy

·      Willingness to innovate in the use of farm manure

·      Provision of energy in times of little solar and wind power

·      1 ton of silage brings about 220 m3 of green gases with a calorific value of           a approx. 1,100 kwh.


Biogas production and combined heat and power

At the Brokenlande Brokstedterstrasse 1 site, excess biomass, landscape maintenance material and farm manure are fermented into green gases. The green gases are cleaned and converted into electricity at the site using combined heat and power and fed into a biogas network that supplies decentralized combined heat and power plants.

Biomassekonzept der Biogasanlagen.jpg

 Biomass concept of the biogas plants

·      Cooperation with local farmers 

·      Use of farm manure 

·      No own cultivation, land lease or land purchase for biomass cultivation

·      Local utilization of the digestate as fertilizer usually on the land of the                 supplying farmers 

·      Long-term supply relationships

·      Utilization of excess biomass

·      Utilization of biomass from peatland protection projects

·      Surplus biomass is the biomass that is not used to supply Humans and                 animals are needed

           Maize: around 400-1200 ha pa

           Grassland:> 2,500 ha pa

           Beets, cereal grains, GPS according to availability

           Farm animal excrement

Cooperation offer to stakeholders

·          Purchase of biomass, ideally excess biomass                 

·          Exchange of information and technical and environmental                            Data, especially from groundwater monitoring            

·          Technology transfer  and training                               

·          The contact person is Christian Saul. Please by email                                       at  saul @ ara-  


Emissions trading

·          Marketing of voluntary CO2 certificates until 2009

·          Offer to issue CO2 credits for agricultural raw materials

klimaneutrale Stromproduktion.jpg

Demand-oriented, climate-neutral electricity production from the region for the region

You can get your electricity load profile from us for a quarter Northern Germany at a fixed price per kwh with the minimum quantity of 10 million kilowatt hours. The delivery takes place via our direct marketer. Feel free to talk to me about my quality requirements (humus build-up, peat replacement, bog protection, savings from liquid manure, Meadow protection, replacement of mineral fertilizers for winter grain, organic fertilizer, etc.) for green electricity on Tel.: 0174 9504507.

Regionale Stromproduktion
  • Smaller species such as insects, spiders etc. are recorded and recorded by employees and their families to document the biodiversity on the biogas plant site, the compensatory measures and the agricultural areas involved.

  • Only living and free species are recorded. Species should not be recorded twice in the compilation. The determination is made by experienced laypeople.

  • Because of our equipment, we can only record species> 1 cm.

Biodiversity, an important part of an ecosystem

Wiesen und Gräser.jpg

Meadows and grasses

Brokenlande is one of the few biogas companies that buy grass as surplus biomass from meadows or mow small meadows free of charge and use the cuttings. In particular, we take care of small areas that cannot be managed in a sustainable manner for conventional farms. Characteristic meadows have to be mowed and fertilized several times a year to preserve them, and the mowing material has to be removed as best as possible.

Mown meadow annually, not fertilized. On the meadow in Brokstedt

Mechanises Phosporr.jpg

In 2020 the Glashaus Brokenlande OHG started the "Mechanical Phosphorus Recycling" project.
The aim of this project is the mechanical separation of the phosphorus-rich substances from the liquid digestate and the phosphorus concentration in a solid phase.
The resulting phosphorus fertilizer is transportable and can be brought to arable farming regions beyond the region. There, the organic fertilizer is used to replace mineral fertilizers with a soil-improving effect on beet and grain.
The project is funded by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund.

More information here:

Mechanical phosphorus recycling

Torfersatz aus Biogärrest

The basis for our circular economy with suppliers of excess biomass from agriculture is the return of liquid fermentation residues, which are used to replace mineral fertilizers in arable farming and grassland farming. In addition, solid fermentation residues are produced as material recycling during the fermentation process by centrifugation and pressing.

The solid digestate is spread out flat on heated tables in the greenhouse under sunlight for drying and hygienization. The protons of the UV radiation from sunlight destroy bonds within the DNA strands of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and mold spores, which leads to an interruption in the reproduction of the pathogens. After drying and hygienization, the solid fermentation residues have properties like peat or straw and are marketed by us as a peat substitute, fertilizer or bedding.

Peat substitute from organic digestate

Keyboard and Mouse

Today we supply approx.> 7,500 households with CO2-neutral electricity and more and more households with CO2-neutral charging current and heat. Biogas is a technology that has been working continuously at the Brokenlande site since April 2008. Greenhouse gas credits are generated through the use of manure and liquid manure as well as the build-up of humus. We only use biomass that is not needed for food production.


Biogas production stinks and is dirty, but biogas is produced naturally and functions as an energy source. Compared to battery storage or hydrogen, biogas is competitive. Biogas is an essential part of German recycling and agriculture through the utilization and use of excrement from livestock farming and the utilization of excess biomass from agriculture.


We employ in the following trades: metal construction, electrical engineering, agriculture, laboratory, process engineering, horticulture, drivers and administrative staff and look forward to your cooperation. If our company is interested in employment, please introduce yourself with your résumé, your salary expectations and your strengths for full-time and part-time employment.


Information der Öffentlichkeit
Informationen der Öffentlichkeit.jpg

Information of the public according to Annex V, 12 BImSchV for biogas plants, the operating areas of the lower classes are:

Information for the public

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Vegetable and ornamental plants in the substrate

Our fermentation residues are examined, among other things, in research projects such as TopGa and partner nurseries. Beneficial results compared to peat have been observed in roses, peppers and rosemary.


The substrate master impresses with individual cultures through the nutrient content and the water permeability. The Substrate Master has fluctuating nutrient levels year-on-year. Recipes have to be adjusted every year.

Gemüsepflanzen im Substart

ARA Biogas Brokenlande GmbH & Co KG

Head office,  Administrative and postal address:

Brokstedter Str. 1
D-24623 Brokenlande (municipality of Großenaspe)

Tel .: +49 (0) 4327 141 599-1
Fax: +49 (0) 4327 141 599-2

Managing director: Christian Saul

District court Kiel: HRA 6719 KI
General partner: ARA Biogas GmbH
District Court of Kiel - HR B 12215 KI
Managing director: Christian Saul

German Credit Bank (DKB)
Account 19482256, bank code 120 300 00

No. 24/289/46554

ARA Bioenergy Brokenlande

GmbH & Co. KG

Head office,  Administrative and postal address:

Brokstedter Str. 1
D-24623 Brokenlande (municipality of Großenaspe)

Tel .: +49 (0) 4327 141 599-1
Fax: +49 (0) 4327 141 599-2

Managing director: Christian Saul

District court of Kiel: HRA 7296 KI
General partner: ARA Biogas GmbH
District Court of Kiel - HR B 12215 KI
Managing director: Christian Saul

German Credit Bank (DKB)
Account 1001191871, bank code 120 300 00

No. 24/289/44608

Glass house Brokenlande oHG

Registered office, administrative and postal address:

Brokstedter Str. 1
D-24623 Großenaspe district Brokenlande

Tel .: +49 (0) 4824 300 30 14
Fax: +49 (0) 4824 300 30 28

Managing director: Christian Saul

District Court  Kiel - HR A 7140 KL

VAT ID no. DE273732603

Substrat Meister UG (Verkäufer) (haftungsbeschränkt)

Firmensitz, Verwaltungs- und Postanschrift:

Hamburger Chaussee 3

24623 Großenaspe

Postanschrift: Domstr. 11, 20095 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 (0) 40 80 90 63-240

Telefax: 040 80 90 63-197240


Geschäftsführer: Christian Saul


Amtsgericht Kiel HRB 23307

KI Steuernummer: 20/290/12246

USt-ID: DE346174126

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